The analysis area

In the analysis area, all existing analysis elements can be are selected and their values are displayed.

Some analysis elements are grouped into subgroups. These subgroups can be selected by clicking with the LEFT Mouse Button to  opened and to  can be hidden:

By clicking with the LEFT Mouse Button on an analysis element this is selected. The corresponding values are stored in the graphics area with black lines.

A selected analysis element can be selected by clicking on one of the Color buttons in the Toolbar can be colored. Colored analysis elements are displayed in the analysis area is also displayed in color. This means that at any time can be read, which analysis elements in the graphics area were selected:

Note: If several selected analysis elements, the intersection is NOT displayed.

If you move the mouse pointer over the name of an analysis element then in a small window additional attributes (for example, sample size) for this element. If several years is selected, the attributes are stored for all years in in chronologically ascending order and by a slash ("/") are displayed separately.