The graphics area

In the graphics area, the values are displayed on three aggregation levels is shown. A vertical axis is displayed for each value. The scale of the axis extends from 0 (bottom) to 100 points (above). If you position the mouse over a specific axis, the designation of this axis is displayed.

To display the overall result of an individual analysis element all corresponding values are assigned to each other. are connected by a continuous line. If a value is missing, then The line is broken.

The lines of all analysis elements turn grey in the background is displayed. This enables a quick overview and the Comparison of a selected analysis element with the totality of the values. The dispersion of the values, or for example analysis elements that have a very different value, they can be easily can be discovered and examined.

Individual analysis elements can be selected and colored.

Individual sections of the graphics area can be used for more precise Viewing enlarged to be.

The display of the background lines can be switched off (see options).